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With us you will get to know Medellín and its vibrant people. You will learn about our history, our food, our customs, our language and our literature.


We have designed tours in and around the city with an academic component designed for you to practice your Spanish and to get to know the culture better.


Thanks to our teaching method, your Spanish learning progress will be faster than learning from a traditional methodology. Come to learn and enjoy the city with us!


The area of Laureles-Estadio is a safe, commercial area easily linked to all of Medellín thanks to the metro system. You will also be close to some of the best nightlife in the city, restaurants, cafes and local shops!


Our courses have been designed by professional experts in linguistics and education. Our immersive program combines real-world communication and academic processes to provide a complete experience.


We count on a team of professional teachers, all of them native speakers. In addition to being experienced ELE teachers, they are passionate, charismatic, energetic and committed to their student’s learning progress.


The experiences we have created for you will make you feel and live our culture, history and language. Each day will be loaded with challenges and new knowledge that will encourage you to work harder on your Spanish.


From the moment you get off the plane, your Colombian and Spanish adventure begins! Our guide will pick you up at the airport. You will talk in Spanish from the time of your arrival in Medellin!!



We will be waiting for you at the airport to pick you up.


Our guide will talk to you in Spanish. This is where the immersive experience begins!


We drop you off at your new place in a beautiful and peaceful area where almost nobody speaks English.


We’ll teach you Spanish with a special technique that will encourage you to speak Spanish all day long!




Also looking for acommodation?

There are many lodging options around Laureles-Estadio. We can help you to find something appropiate for you.


  • Elefun could not have been better. My partner and I originally signed up for Spanish lessons at a different school, and she had to switch because of their availability. When I went with her to Elefun, I decided to switch schools. At first I was struck by how friendly the administrative staff was and by how clean the school facility was. Their price was competitive, and they offered tours and activities in addition to class. We only signed up for 1 week, but ended up taking an extra week of classes. I had both private and group classes, and they were great. The teachers were knowledgable, friendly, and patient. We even ended up playing volleyball with one of our teachers outside of class which was a blast. We only ended up doing two tours, but they were both fun and interesting. Definitely do the Comuna 13 tour!! We were sad to leave the school, and are scheming another trip to Medellin to do a couple more weeks of classes.
  • I have been at Elefun for a bit over a week and I’m loving the school and the teachers. I am doing intensive classes (4 hours a day). They are very well structured, with lots of opportunities to practice speaking, listening, reading and grammar - I have learnt a lot in a short time. The teachers have been great, making the class fun and enjoyable, while using lots of interesting methods to teach, short videos, articles, games etc. I was impressed at how well the classes have been tailored to my level (B1). The school is very welcoming, and organises different activities for the afternoons and evenings, which this week includes a visit to a different barrio to try different street food. Laureles is also a nice local suburb, with lots of life in the streets, restaurants and bars, and a great salsa school too (called Así Se Baila). Yo recomiendo mucho esta escuela.
  • Justin Kim
    I loved my time here at Elefun. They have awesome teachers who really care about your improvement and I felt very accomplished towards the end of my time here. The structure and sequence of learning was very clear to me. I took classes for 4 hours a day for 5 weeks here. They organize a lot of excursions (every day!) and every Wednesday there is a cultural food snack. I would definitely recommend this for anybody who wants to take classes.
  • Kyle Sandham
    I loved my time at Elefun! It was brilliant, in particular the afternoon activities and local fruit tasting was great! All the teachers are passionate about what they do, about their jobs and also it is a nice modern, clean environment in which to learn.
  • Before arrriving in Medellín, my husband Scott, and I had already been traveling in Ecuador and Colombia for 4 months. Although we had plenty of opportunity to speak Spanish, we just didn’t have enough confidence. We had been studying mostly using Duolingo, which is tremendously helpful in some areas, but is just not the same as actually conversing with a native Spanish speaker. We searched online and found a couple of Spanish schools within walking distance to our apartment in the neighborhood of Laureles. We visited both schools and spoke with a representative of each, then made the easy decision to go with Elefun. Although very new, and not having as many online reviews as the first school, we were very impressed. Their brand new, modern facility is sparkling clean, with several well furnished classrooms with up-to-date technology, and a bright, comfortable common area. Katerine, our first contact at Elefun, is a terrific ambassador for the school. I don’t remember exactly how our conversation went, but it was immediately afterward that Jamie and I decided to sign up for classes here. We both took group classes (4 hours a day for 5 days) and, as expected and confirmed by a short written placement exam, we were at different levels and therefore in separate classes. We both found the lessons to be quite challenging, and at times we even struggled to keep up, but our teachers were both very patient and encouraging. They also employed a variety teaching styles. Sometimes we would read a story or watch a video, followed by discussion in Spanish, utilizing a new verb tense or new vocabulary. They also incorporate a lot of fun games, presumably to distract you from the fact that you’re actually learning a lot of Spanish! It seems that the teachers also make a strong effort to tailor the lessons to your interests. I didn’t give it much thought at first, but after the first week, I noticed that many of the discussion topics were related to “my interests” that I had listed in the written interview/placement exam submitted before classes started. By the third week, it was very clear that the teachers were going out of their way to create lessons and homework assignments that were tailored to my interests. Nicely done! At the end of each week, the school requested feedback and suggestions regarding our expereience. It was clear that our feedback was taken seriously because we saw our suggestions being implemented the very next week. I must admit, I’m not accustomed to receiving such a high level of attention! Included in the cost of classes were a “welcome lunch” (on our first day) and daily afternoon tours or activities. With Walter as our guide, we visited several interesting areas of Medellín including a large marketplace where we sampled local fruits and vegetables, and Comuna 13, a hillside neighborhood that has made huge strides in transforming itself from a warzone to a safe and even thriving tourist destination in only a very short time. Our favorite activity was playing Tejo, the national sport of Colombia (warning: it involves alcohol and explosives!). After 3 weeks, our Spanish had improved considerably, and we became much more confident in speaking with the locals here in Medellín. But, the best part of our experience at Elefun was because of the friendly and amazing teachers and staff. Many thanks to Walter and Katerine…our teachers Nathaly, Jessica, Jennifer, and Ísabel…and a special thanks to Yadira for always having a smile and making sure that we are well caffeinated! You all made a permanent impression on us!!