Structured conversations with native speakers

This course is designed for students that don’t want to attend formal classes, but want to work on their Spanish speaking, pronunciation, and vocabulary with a native speaker.

This course is designed to

Each session develops the student’s speaking skills through a focus on Spanish vocabulary, pronunciation, and prosody (rhythmic patterns and emphasis)

Conversations develop cultural and contextual understanding through a variety of interesting themes and topics (which can be extended through participation in after-school cultural activities at Elefun)

Sessions are interactive and designed according to the tastes, interests, and objectives of the student

Students will gain practical skills first so that they can engage with others nd feel confident enough to practice outside of class

Key points

Sarting date

Any monday


Monday to Friday
From 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Entry requirements

Elefun placement test

Free daily events are include after every class

Vocabuly games

On Tuesday!

Language exchange with locals

On Thursday!