6 reasons to study at Elefun.

Quality and academic excellence

Elefun provides a team of highly-qualified experienced native Spanish speaking teachers and small groups to provide individual, personalized and friendly experiences to students of all ages and cultures.

Our curriculum is based on the CEFR and it includes elements of work as functional, pronouncing, vocabulary, grammar, independent component and others that are essential for learning Spanish fast and consistently. Our courses focus on school teaching hours and independent learning hours. The number of hours per level are:




Permaculture experience

Elefun provides the opportunity to interact with nature and strive to care the planet and make it a better place. This experience, besides working on your Spanish, works on your well-being and introduces you to a deep natural journey.

With Elefun you will visit a self-sustainable farm. You will learn about the amazing world of permaculture and sustainable living practices. It is a good way to improve your Spanish and learn for life!

Location and facilities 

Elefun offers a pleasant learning environment with modern facilities where you can enjoy free coffee, tea and water any time, and fresh rooms equipped to help you in your learning process.

We are located in the Laureles-Estadio area, which is one of the best places to live and learn Spanish in Medellin. It is an area where the English-speaking population is low which makes it perfect for you to put your “Spanish into action”. 

You will easily find metro transportation, restaurants, supermarkets, bars and nightclubs. Besides, if you want to keep up your fitness routine, you can take part in different sports and activities in the local stadium (Unidad Deportiva Atanasio Girardot) a 5 minute walk from the school.

Pick up at the airport

From the moment you get off the plane, your Colombian Spanish adventure begins! The airport is not close to Medellin, so we want to help you make it easier to get to the city and introduce you to the neighborhood where you are going to stay.

Elefun wants to make you feel welcome from the moment you arrive. Ask for more information about this service! 



You can rent rooms in apartments or houses through Elefun. Stay at a place where you have the chance to practice Spanish with Colombian locals rather than being in a hostel or living with non-Spanish speaking people.

People living in these places have already been through a selection process by Elefun, thus, it allows us to guarantee that they are serious, respectful and willing to help.

These places are located near the school for your convenience.


Payment with cryptocurrency 

In Elefun you can use your favorite cryptocurrencies to pay for your Spanish lessons!! Take advantage of the flexibility and convenience in the methods of payment offered by Elefun Spanish School!