Spanish Courses

Certified Spanish Courses with Native Teachers


The student will be able to understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to basic information about himself/herself and his/her family, shopping, places of interest, occupations, etc. In addition, communicate when carrying out simple, everyday tasks that require simple and direct exchanges of information on familiar matters. They will be able to describe in simple terms their environment, as well as issues related to their immediate needs.


The student will be able to handle simple linguistic and non-linguistic resources, such as basic syntactic structures and very general knowledge of social conventions and cultural references of the Hispanic world. Can communicate in a clear and understandable way, even if his/her foreign accent is evident and, in rare situations, interruptions and misunderstandings occur, and can cope with everyday situations of basic survival.


The student will be able to use a wide but simple range of vocabulary, structures and learned formulas that bring into play the general knowledge of the Hispanic world. Communicates adequately in a neutral register, although with sufficient flexibility to adapt to different situations; expresses him/herself with reasonable accuracy, although pausing to think or making mistakes. Is able to carry out the transactions required in the organization of a trip or during its development or in less usual situations.


The student will have the linguistic and non-linguistic resources necessary to participate in communicative exchanges with a degree of fluency, precision and naturalness so that their interlocutors do not have to make a special effort. Has a level of language awareness that allows them to avoid errors that lead to misunderstandings and use sufficient resources to avoid situations of ambiguity and clarify what the interlocutor meant. Will have sufficient linguistic ability to state the details of a problem, make claims and resolve conflict situations using argumentative and persuasive language.


The student will have sufficiently broad and rich linguistic and nonlinguistic resources to communicate fluently and naturally, almost effortlessly. In addition, they have an extensive and precise lexical repertoire that allows them to express nuances of meaning,eliminating ambiguities and confusion. And it draws on the skills,abilities and attitudes required to carry out delicate transactions or those with a certain degree of complexity.


The student will have linguistic and non-linguistic resources, as well as sufficient declarative knowledge to deal with all kinds of situations, even unforeseen ones, and the complications in which they may be involved. Can express him/herself with precision, appropriateness and ease in the use of language and is able to convey subtle nuances of meaning. Is able to manage without problems in different registers and has a good command of idiomatic and colloquial expressions.

At Elefun, we design real opportunities for interaction in Spanish to achieve your communication and cultural goals.

Online classes

Online semi-intensive group classes

$11 per hour

Online General Spanish Course

Group classes are a fun and collaborative way to work on your communicative competency while developing your core reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.

10 hours per week/2 hours per day

online private lessons

$18 per hour

Online Private Spanish Course

Private 1:1 classes offer the most flexibility and are specifically tailored to support your learning goals, style, and availability.

Flexible hours available

Discounts are available for courses over 1 week – send us an email or WhatsApp message for more details!

In-person classes

semi-intensive group lessons

Learn Spanish and meet new people. Courses start every Monday.

  • General: 10 hours/week – 2 hours per day: core skills $12 per hour
  • Semi-Intensive: 15 hours/week – 3 hours per day: 2 hours core skills + 1 hour focus on oral skills $11.46 per hour
  • Intensive: 20 hours/week – 4 hours per day: 2 hours core skills + 2 hours focus on oral skills $11.06 per hour
Private Lessons

$19.50 per hour

Private classes offer the most flexibility and are specifically tailored to support your learning goals, style, and availability.

Flexible hours available

Discounts are available for courses over 5 weeks – send us an email or WhatsApp message for more details!

We follow the Common European Framework of reference for languages: learning, teaching and evaluation.

We follow the Spanish reference level guidelines of the Cervantes Institute.

All of our Spanish programs are registered and recognized by the Secretary of Education of Medellín.

The Elefun Approach

All of our classes focus on four elements


You’ll learn tons of new vocabulary and get plenty of grammatical practice. We make sure that all lessons address your listening, writing, speaking and comprehension.


We want to make sure that your Spanish lessons help you better understand your surroundings – that’s why we pack each class full of cultural content to keep thing interesting and relevant.

Interactive engagement

Learning isn’t a one-way street – all of our classes focus on including engaging and interactive exercises so that you have something new and fun to look forward to every day.

after class

We want you to practice and learn beyond the classroom, so we’ll set you up with practical knowledge and tips so that you can stay engaged outside Elefun.