Elefun Spanish School terms and conditions of service

**Terms and Conditions**

This document stipulates the terms under which Academia Elefun offers its Spanish as a foreign language services and is publicly available to students and collaborators. For  easier navigation of the document, please refer to the following guide:

1. Class Types, Focus, and Mode of Teaching

2. Services

3. Payments and Payment Methods

4. Registration and Enrollment

5. Confirmation and Class Schedules

6. General Attendance and Absences

7. Certificates of Study


9. Student Visas

10. Authorization for Non-Commercial Use of Image Rights

11. Coexistence


1. Class Types, Focus, and Mode

Class Type

Classes at Elefun are offered in three formats:

– Group Classes:Conducted with groups of 5 to 8 students depending on classroom capacity.

– Private Classes:Tailored one-on-one sessions between a student and a teacher

– Semi-private class: Ideal for two people of the same level who wish to share the learning space.



Classes focus on at least one of the following skill categories:

– Core Skills: Develops Listening and Reading Comprehension, Oral Expression and Interaction, Written Expression and Interaction, Oral and Written Mediation.

– Oral Skills: Focuses exclusively on the student’s oral skills.



Elefun offers both in-person and online classes.


2. Services and Types of Students


– Extension Courses

Weekly: This service allows the student to attend group classes week-by-week, either General (10 hours per week), Semi-intensive (15 hours per week), or Intensive (20 hours per week). Depending on the class intensity, class hours are distributed between Core and/or Oral Skills.


Private or Semi-Private Class: These classes are personalized to the student’s schedule and skills they wish to develop, either Core Skills or Oral Skills. Students must take a minimum of 4 hours of private lessons per week to ensure adequate progress.


Student Visa: This service is aimed at foreigners coming to Medellín with the goal of learning the language and exploring the culture. It requires enrollment in an institution approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Survival Spanish: This service offers students the chance to leave the classroom and explore Medellín according to their interests, focusing on learning Spanish based on their basic needs: food, transportation, entertainment, locations, and shopping.


– Academic Programs

Spanish by Levels: Academic programs accredited by the Medellín Secretary of Education offer students certification at comprehensive levels based on the Common European Framework (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2). These programs require at least 180 hours of study and are available in both group and private class formats.


Cultural Immersion

These are authentic opportunities for engaging in Spanish within the Colombian setting, which enhance the process of teaching and learning Spanish as a foreign language: language exchange meetups, experiencing traditional flavors of Colombia, outdoor activities, and introductory Spanish classes.

Generally, these are free activities open to the general public (local and foreign). Some may have additional transportation or ticket costs, and there must be a minimum of 4 registered attendees or they may be rescheduled.


Types of Students

According to the characteristics of the service we establish three types of students

Program Student: is the one who studies in academic programs, must enroll in the Enrollment Book and register in the institutional platform. At the end of the program they will receive a certificate.

Extension student: is one who takes extension courses, does not need to sign in the enrollment book but must register in the institutional platform. At the end of the course he/she will receive a certificate of attendance.

Transition Student: when an extension student accumulates enough class hours in a certain level of Spanish, he/she will be able to transition to become a program student to obtain a certificate. 


3. Payments and Payment Methods

Payment for the requested service must be paid in full before starting classes at Elefun. This payment cannot be transferred to another student.

Prices are indicated in US dollars (USD). Prices in other currencies depend on the exchange rate on the day of payment.

Elefun does not accept cash payments.

Online Payments: These are made through a link shared via WhatsApp or email. We offer the following services:

– PayPal: Payments are made in US dollars (USD).

– Wompi: Payments are made in Colombian pesos (COP) according to the exchange rate of the day through Visa, Mastercard, or American Express credit or debit cards.


On-Site Payment: These are made through the designated POS system for payments via mobile or with Visa, Mastercard, or American Express credit or debit cards in Colombian pesos (COP) according to the exchange rate of the day.

Bank Transfer: These are made at the student’s request in Colombian pesos (COP) and include all bank transfer fees (including intermediary bank fees).


4.Registration and Enrollment

Registration is the process by which a student enters any service offered by Elefun and  requires taking the placement test, filling out the registration form, and submitting a copy of the student’s passport.

Enrollment is done for students in academic programs leading to a degree, for which the enrollment book must be signed.

Minors wishing to access Elefun’s services must have the authorization of a responsible adult according to the format established by the institution. The minimum age for Academic Programs is 16 years; for minors under 15 years, extension courses in private classes are recommended.

All students must take the Placement Test before starting the course; additionally, they must undergo an interview with a teacher who will evaluate their listening and oral communication competencies. Both processes will determine the student’s level for starting their classes.

If a student wishes to start from the basics, they do not need to take the placement test and cannot be relocated later without taking the diagnostic test.

Elefun’s decision regarding the appropriate study level for the student is final, and the student acknowledges that:

– Elefun will make every effort to place the student according to their level of study. Any change in the student’s level of studies will be at Elefun’s absolute discretion.

– If a student does not have the minimum level of Spanish required to follow a specific course, as determined by the placement test and the interview, Elefun reserves the right to switch the student to a suitable course for their level.

– Elefun will advise the student on the suitability of the service types for the student’s level based on the information provided, but the student is solely responsible for selecting the service type that best suits them.

– Course slots are subject to availability and may be denied at Elefun’s discretion.

– Any service change must be requested within a maximum of two class days after starting the original service. This change will be evaluated by the institution.

– In some circumstances, at the student’s request, face-to-face courses may be transferred to online classes or change of venue; this is at the discretion of the Elefun Administration Team and must be confirmed at least 1 week before the class(es).


5. Confirmation and Class Schedules

The institution offers its services from Monday to Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. and from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Colombia time (GMT-5).

Class days and times are confirmed with the student via WhatsApp. Confirmations are made whenever the following occur:

– When the student completes the payment for the service.

– If the student renews the service or acquires a different one.

– When the student changes the schedule of their group or private classes.


For online classes, students will receive a link from their teacher via email before their first class.

The student may suspend their classes for a maximum period of 3 months; each case will be evaluated by the administrative team, and Elefun may offer other options for continuity in their studies.

Elefun establishes the rotation of teachers as a pedagogical and administrative strategy so that the student can strengthen their skills with different types of natives. Elefun reserves the right to make changes to the teachers assigned to the class.


6. General Attendance and Absences

 – Attendance

Students are expected to attend at least 85% of all scheduled classes. If they have a lower percentage, they will not be given a Certificate of Study or Level Certificate.


– Justified and Unjustified Absence

Justified absence is only allowed in case of illness or unavoidable circumstances beyond the student’s control. A class can be rescheduled provided that the student presents a legal excuse. It is the student’s responsibility to inform the reception of the reasons for their absence.

Unjustified absence is when the student does not attend class without just cause, and it cannot be rescheduled.


Cancellations and Rescheduling

Group classes must be attended from Monday to Friday, and once the week of study has begun, the days the student does not attend cannot be rescheduled.

Private classes can be canceled and rescheduled by informing the reception or through WhatsApp with at least one working day’s notice, Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (GMT-5). If the cancellation is made outside the established time, the student will lose their class (it cannot be rescheduled) and the teacher will record the absence.

If Elefun cancels a class, a substitute class will be organized.


National Holidays

The institution does not provide services on Colombian public holidays, so no classes will be scheduled on those dates. These dates can be found online or with reception at the time of sale.

Therefore, in extension courses, public holidays will not be charged and will be deducted from the total weekly class price.

Elefun’s Christmas vacation will take place during the last week of December. The institution will be closed during this period and advanced notice will be given to the students.



The student cannot enter the class if more than 50% of the stipulated time has elapsed. After this period, the student will be marked as absent for that class.


7. Certificates of Study

If a student needs a certificate of studies they must request it directly at the reception of Elefun. The school will only issue an end-of-studies certificate if an attendance of at least 85% has been maintained. Requests for a second visa will also be put on hold if the student’s attendance is not satisfactory.



Elefun will only make refunds in the following cases:

– 100% refund of money

If Elefun is unable to provide the service  on the established day and time or at the established level, and it is not possible to reschedule the classes with the student.

– 80% refund of money:

If a person enrolls in classes but cannot start, an 80% refund of the payment will be made; the other 20% will cover logistical and administrative tasks.

If a student is dissatisfied and seeks a refund, the institution will first attempt to resolve the issue using alternative methods consistent with the original agreement. Should these efforts not meet the student’s expectations, 80% of the remaining balance will be refunded. The remaining 20% will be retained to cover logistical and administrative costs.


Refunds take 10 business days to process; this does not include weekends and national holidays.

No refund will be made if the student is not satisfied with the level assigned by the placement test process; in such a case, another diagnostic level test will be granted free of charge.


9. Student Visas

Elefun, as a legal institution with an operating license and programs approved by the Medellín Secretary of Education, has the authority to receive students on a Student Visa. While Elefun offers academic programs, it does not handle visa sales or processing. Students may manage this process independently or seek assistance from an agent or agency, either recommended by Elefun or one they personally trust.


The following visa periods are the most commonly used by students but it’s at the student’s discretion to request a visa between 13 weeks (approximately 3 months) and 104 (approximately 24 months) long.


13-week period: equivalent to approximately 3 months with a total of 130 class hours.

26-week period: equivalent to approximately 6 months with a total of 260 class hours.

52-week period: equivalent to approximately 12 months with a total of 520 class hours.


– Registration

To start the registration, the student must choose the duration of their visa with which they will stay in Medellín and make the payment for the period in which Elefun will provide the educational service. Once the deposit for the total value of the course is made, the institution will issue the necessary documents for the visa application, and they will be sent via email to the student or to the agent or agency with which they are processing the application.

The institution will register the student in the SIRE (Information System for Reporting Foreigners), and depending on the duration of the service and the current level of the student before their entry, the institution will decide whether to register them in its extension programs or enroll them in an academic program.

In case of delay or rejection of the visa or the application process, Elefun will edit and re-supply the documents once. If the student wishes to reapply for the third time, they must re-enroll in Elefun and pay an administrative fee of $50 USD or its equivalent in Colombian pesos.


Start and End of Study Period

The student must register with enough time to ensure the acquisition of the visa and meet all the requirements of the Colombian Migration authorities. The Spanish programs that have been used to apply for the student visa must be taken during the time period indicated in the Registration Letter delivered to the Migration Department, detailing the start and end dates.

Once the visa is approved, the student must deliver to the institution a copy of the official visa document and contact the school to start their classes on the date stipulated; if the visa is granted days after the original start date, the student may wait until the following Monday to start their classes, depending on whether they are group or private classes.

Elefun is not responsible for delays beyond its control; if there is a delay in visa approval, the student must wait for full approval before starting their classes, even if the start date recorded on the Registration Letter has already passed.



It is the student’s obligation to have an attendance greater than 85% during the service of classes; the other 15% will be counted as absence, unjustified absences will result in the student being removed from the SIRE.

For the 13-week period, the 15% equals 20 hours of class within the 130 hours established in the service.

For the 26-week period, the 15% equals 40 hours of class within the 260 hours established in the service.

For the 52-week period, the 15% equals 78 hours of class within the 520 hours established in the service.


– Justified and Unjustified Absence

Absences are only justified in case of illness or unavoidable circumstances beyond the student’s control, and legal proof justifying the absence must be presented.

Unjustified absence is when the student does not attend class without just cause, and these will directly affect the percentage of absences reported to the SIRE system.


Suspension and Disengagement of Service

When the student accumulates a 15% absence or more, the institution will communicate with them directly, either in person or via WhatsApp, and they will be formally notified by email about their absences with the aim of establishing with the student the reason and solution to their absence and notifying them that they may be removed from the SIRE system, and have their educational service suspended. If after the meeting and/or notification the student continues an unacceptable absence rate, the institution will proceed with the total suspension and disengagement  of the service.

It is the student’s obligation to report the days they will not attend class, regardless of the type of their absence; therefore, if the student accumulates 10 business days without any contact with the institution, they will receive a formal notification via email that they must continue with their training process. After another 10 business days without receiving a response from the student, the institution will proceed with the total suspension and disengagement of the service.


Cancellations and Refunds

Once the student’s visa is approved, classes cannot be canceled or rescheduled, nor can a refund be requested.

These are the only occasions on which refunds of the student visa service will be made:

– In case a student visa application is denied by the government, Elefun will refund 80% of the payment for the service, the other 20% will be used to cover banking commissions, logistics, and administrative tasks.


The notification of the visa denial must be sent to Elefun to proceed with the refund request. These can take up to 10 business days to process after the denial document has been delivered to Elefun.

Refunds will be made to the same account that made the payment for the service. If the payment has been made through an agent, the refund will be made through that agent.

No refund will be made during the following circumstances:

– An incomplete application process where the student has not followed the steps and completed the requirements.

– If fraudulent documents are presented.

– If the student decides to withdraw or suspend the visa application.

– If the student is expelled from the institution for not following its coexistence manual.

– If the student is expelled from Colombia by an authorized authority or government department.

– If the visa is granted to a student and they decide not to study at Elefun.

– If Elefun informs the Colombian Migration authorities that the student has been accepted and they have not started their classes.

– If the student is reported for absence, whether that be lack of class attendance or lack of communication with the institution for 20 days.


10.Authorization for Non-Commercial Use of Image Rights

At Elefun, we constantly record photographic and audiovisual records of various curricular and extracurricular activities. Therefore, when students register, they fill out the Student Registration form, authorizing the use of their image in Elefun’s various non-commercial media.

The videos and photographs are used for educational, informative, and exhibition purposes, showcasing the various activities of the institution on Elefun’s platforms and venues. The aim is to demonstrate to the world all that we do at the institution as tools for learning Spanish through both indoor and outdoor activities.

These images and photographs are not made with the intention of generating profit or for purposes other than those already stated, and if the student does not wish to grant the right to use their image, they may formally express this in an email to info@elefun.com.co


11. Coexistence

Students must build and ensure the promotion of healthy relationships where respect for their peers, teachers, and staff is present at all times. Behavior and language deemed careless or offensive will result in appropriate disciplinary action in accordance with academic regulations.



**Terms and Conditions** is a summary of the academic regulations of the Elefun Academy, which can be consulted at the following link: