Elefun Spanish School terms and conditions of service

At Elefun Spanish School we want to guarantee the quality of our academic offer and provide you with the best service. To this end, we invite you to read the terms and conditions for our services.


The Package of Private or Individual Classes focuses on the process and the personalized work between student and teacher. We offer two learning modalities: face-to-face and virtual (via Skype) classes.

For your Private Classes, you should keep in mind that: 

In case youcannot attend one of your classes, either face-to face or virtual, you must notify us at least two hours in advance to reschedule your class. Otherwise, we will charge this class as if you had taken it since by that time we will have hired the availability of a teacher for your class.

Anytype of cancellation or change of schedule must be notified to the Coordination. Cancellations and changes agreed and made with the teacher without prior consultation with the Coordinator are not accepted.


These are the classes in which two or more students participate. Given that you will have classmates, we want you to be aware of the following aspects:

Themaximum number of students per group is six. However, in most cases, the number of students is lower. Our goal is that students have the greatest possible interaction with the teacher and their classmates, in order to foster collaborative learning.

Theminimum number of students per group is If the class of your level does not meet these requirements, you will be notified the Friday previous to the beginning of your classes. in this case, we will offer you some other options among our courses.

Given its group nature, participation in this modality is subject to the level of knowledge or mastery established in the tests of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), which we apply to determine the distribution and classification of groups. In order to guarantee the quality of the collective and individual learning process, we reserve the criteria of permanence, mobility or promotion to other groups or levels.

Group Class attendance is your responsibility, as well as the achievements you accomplish as a result of your attendance and commitment to class and complementary activities. If you do not attend a class, we are not obliged to reinstate that class. In addition, if you repeatedly miss classes, we will not be responsible for the quality or the results of the learning process established for a certain level.

If you enter the school after the first-class day, to start a Group Class you must pay


As part of our policy, we provide the following options that allow you to have more flexibility:

About the payment: The due date for the payment is on Monday before starting your course. Keep in mind that classes will not start for the student if payment has not been made.

To defer the class for a defined term (30 days): this option only applies to students of Group Classes who have paid in advanced more than a week. For example, if you paid three or more weeks in advance and, due to force majeure, you have to suspend before finishing those weeks, we will reinstate the missing hours via Skype. In no case there will be a refund of money.

To reinstate a class: this option only applies to students of Private and Virtual Classes who cancel their class at least two hours in advance.

Structured talk with a native: If you pay cash, you will have one hour of conversational tutoring like this: 20hrs group and private course (pay one or more weeks), 10hrs group course (pay two or more weeks).

About our teachers: At Elefun Spanish Schoolwe have 7 teachers, so keep in mind that each week you will have classes with a different teacher in order to listen different accents to help you with your learning process.



We do not provide refunds for our classes or lessons. According to the Commercial Code of Colombia, we are not obliged to make refunds of payment for services unless there is an evident breach of quality. In the case of our student visa package, we will refund 90% of your payment only in the event that your visa is not approved.