Online semi-intensive group classes

This course is intended for students that don’t want to spend an entire day in class and want to reserve some time to learn through out-of-class activities.

Our Online semi-intensive group classes are designed to:

The course will develop the student’s Spanish language skills through a variety of linguistic, pragmatic, cultural and communicative components. Coursework and activities address core listening, speaking, comprehension, and writing capabilities.

The course develops cultural and pragmatic contextual understanding through in-class activities and supplemental after-school programs.

Classes are dynamic and interactive, encouraging collaborative and cooperative learning and lots of speaking and listening

Classes are designed to give you practical skills first so that you can engage with others and feel confident enough to practice after class.

Key points

Average group size

3 to 4
Smaller groups help us to deliver more personalized attention.

Sarting date

Any monday


Monday to Friday
From 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
(10 hours per week / 2 hours a day)

Entry requirements

Elefun placement test

Certified levels


Free daily events are include after every class

Vocabulary games!

On Tuesday!

Language exchange with locals

On Thursday!