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Online semi- private courses
Max. 3 – 4 people
Special Promotional Fees

Online Private Courses
One – on – One

Online Classes

Our course of private classes allows us to provide you with the necessary tools and the accompaniment you require in the learning process. This course is designed to learn Spanish quickly with native teachers based on learning objectives.

This course is designed so that students can improve their Spanish speech, pronunciation, and vocabulary with the help of native speakers. The main objective is to provide you with the necessary tools to maintain a fluent conversation.

SIELE is a Spanish language evaluation and certification service for non-native speakers. This course is designed to achieve worldwide certification with a quality education.

This online course is intended for students that don’t want to spend an entire day in class and want to reserve some time to learn more through out-of-class activities.

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4 Reasons to study at elefun

Outstanding quality

This recognition means a lot to us; it is testament of our very hard work during our previous years, of our day-to-day commitment to offer you the best high quality academic teaching. Our curriculum is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for languages, and the Cervantes Institute program!

We always support you

When you learn a language you need to find people that will help you achieve your goal. That is one of the benefits you will get in your learning process at Elefun. Learn from top-notch teachers and create great memories with a supportive staff.

For your comfort and budget

As a Spanish student, flexibility and costs are two of the most important variables to consider when planning your learning goals. At Elefun you can find both!

Extra practice

At Elefun, we offer you a high-quality education and you can also participate in study groups to practice and improve your vocabulary, pronunciation, and fluency.