Description of the Spanish program

Introduction of the institution

Elefun Spanish School is a Spanish school for foreigners, located in Laureles neighborhood, Medellín, Colombia. Our school has modern facilities, well-equipped classrooms with air conditioning, educational assistance, and coffee, tea and water service at any time. Our classrooms are designed to attend small groups of students (2 to 6 students maximum).

We are an institution accredited by the Office of Education in Medellín and wecount on experienced professionals in teaching Spanish. Our instructors are continually learning and updating teaching-learning methodologies and who will teach not only to use Spanish, but how to live the Latin culture.

Presentation of the programwith levels,time intensity, start and end dates

Our program uses theinternational standard guidelines of theCommon European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment (CEFRL) and the Curriculum and Levels of Reference of the Instituto Cervantes.

Our program is designed from level A1 to C1. The courses start every Monday:

Level A1 has an hourly load of 96 hours (4 weeks: 80 academic hours + 16 hours autonomous work)

Level A2 has an hourly load of 120 hours (5 weeks: 100 academic hours + 20 hours of autonomous work)

Level B1 has an hourly load of 120 hours (5 weeks: 100 academic hours + 20 hours of autonomous work)

Level B2 has an hourly load of 120 hours (5 weeks: 100 academic hours + 20 hours of autonomous work)

Level C1 has an hourly load of 120 hours (5 weeks: 100 academic hours + 20 hours of autonomous work)

Cultural and extracurricular activities

Our class offer has been designed to give our students an experience of language immersion and culture. That is why, included in their class package, students can attend salsa classes on Tuesday and Friday, taste local food on Wednesdays and attend language exchanges on Thursdays.

We also offer a series of experiences and visits to places that have had a significant social and urban transformation. In these activities students can participate for very reasonable prices. Some examples of these experiences are: Green practices: Permaculture experience, Downtown tour, graffiti tour and Comuna 13, coffee tasting, chocolate tasting, visiting the Moravia neighborhood and more!

Assessment test (Optional)

The school helds two evaluations to examine the student’s Spanish level: A written test to size up reading and writing skills; and finally, an oral test conducted by the Academic Coordination to assess oral and listening skills.

Information aboutthe visa requirements to study

No visa is required if you are planning to study Spanish in a period shorter than 3 months;if you are planning to stay and study in Colombia for more than 3 months, apply for a 90-day Colombia tourist permit at the Colombian Consulate, if you wish to study in Colombia for more than 6 months, youmust apply a student visa.

We have an Expat group ally that advise to those who are interested in arranging their student visas. Ask us for more information.

Information about registration and payment requirements

The student can pay by cash, debit card, credit or through our website. Payment is also received with cryptocurrencies.

Homestay options (Optional)

You can rent rooms in apartments or houses through Elefun. Stay at a place where you have the chance to practice Spanish with Colombians rather than being in a hostel or living with non-Spanish speaking people.

People living in these places have already been through a selection process by Elefun, thus, it allows us to guarantee that they are serious, respectful and willing to help. These places are located near the school for your convenience.

Additional information of interest (weather, geography,touristic places, etc.)

Medellín The ‘city of eternal spring’ for its pleasant climate, with an average temperature of 24º throughout the year, located at 1,475 meters above sea level; it is captivating for the kindness of its people and its delicious food. Medellín is the second most important city in Colombia, and capital of the Department of Antioquia.

In 2013 Medellín was named as the “Most innovative city in the world” in the City of the Year contest by the Wall Street Journal. Medellín has an excellent transport infrastructure that makes it very accessible: Metro, Metrocable, Bus and Tram. You can visit places like the Botanical Garden, the Planetarium, the Park “Pies Descalzos”, library parks, thePark Explora, the Park de los Deseos. At night, the area of ​​El Poblado, Carrera 70 or Avenida Nutibara has a wide range of bars, restaurants and nightclubs. To the north of the city is the Museum of Antioquia Medellín, in the Plaza de las Esculturas in Medellín it is possible to appreciate the giant bronze figures sculpted by Fernando Botero.

Medellín performs important and recognized festivities at local, national and international levels such as: Feria de las Flores (Flowers Fair), this festival is celebrated in the first weeks of August and has become one of the symbols of the Paisa culture. “Colombiamoda” is also held, it is the most important fashion fair that takes place in Colombia, this event presents national and international designers.

Contact person information (name, position, telephone, email)

You can contact us through our email or by WhatsApp (+57 304 273 20 82) to have more information.