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Monday to Friday
10 hours per week
From 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

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What the students are saying

¡Me encanta! Cuando llegue aquí en Elefun, Tuve que empezar desde cero. No pude hablar nada. Durante seis semanas asistí clases de español con ellos y estoy totalmente satisfecho con las resultados.

Ahora mismo puedo escribir y entender más o menos 80%, hablar es un poco más difícil pero espero que voy a poder hablar mejor la próxima vez cuando nos vemos.

Quiero dar mis gracias por todos. No voy a nunca olvidar mi tiempo en Elefun.

Berk Eren

Elefun is a terrific school to learn spanish while in Medellín. I have taken two 1-week courses (2 hours a day) on different visits and learned more spanish in that period than all the time spent learning in the states. The Laureles location was perfect for me because I prefer to stay there while visiting Medellín instead of the touristy El Poblado sector. I walked to and from school every afternoon from my apartment. The school is clean, modern, and the entire staff are warm and welcoming. The teachers are educated and committed to their students. There are activities that you can sign up to do every day so I chose beg. salsa dancing and it was an great experience. If you are in Medellín at least a week and want to learn spanish, take the opportunity to do so at this school. When I return to Medellín, I will definitely take more lessons at Elefun to continue learning spanish and enhance the experience of living the paisa culture.

Kevin K

I highly recommend Elefun Spanish School to anyone interested in studying Spanish. Whether you are a beginner or simply looking to brush up on your language skills, this school has extremely knowledgeable and professional teachers to assist with the task. In addition to clear lesson planning, the school also provides hands-on activities to apply in-class learning to real world situations. Examples of some of these immersive activities include: cooking classes, food tastings, dancing lessons, and tours of the local area. Thank you to all of the wonderful staff at Elefun who made my four weeks of learning Spanish so enjoyable!

Candace Lauren

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