Permaculture experience + spanish

  • Elefun provides the opportunity to interact with nature and strive to care the planet and make it a better place. This experience, besides working on your Spanish, works on your well-being and introduces you to a deep natural journey.
  • Are you looking to learn more than Spanish?

    One of the pillars of Elefun philosophy is the balanced relationship with every thing in nature. We truly believe that each one of us, from a conscious formation, can help to transform the environmental issues that the world is going through.

    With Elefun, you will visit a self-sustainable farm and you will learn sustainable living practices and total respect of the earth and all living beings. With Permaculture, a relationship of help or mutual support that is established among all of us, human beings and nature. For this, it is a  good way to improve your Spanish and learn for life.