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Activities included

Elefun wants to provide the best experience for you to learn and practice Spanish while you get to know our beautiful country and culture!!! That’s why we created these activities to join after class!

Salsa lessons:

All of our packages include 2 salsa lessons per week. Meeting one of our most representative rhythms will help you to enjoy a bit more colombian parties and meeting new people!! While learning Salsa you can practice Spanish and while travelling Colombia both are super useful!!!

Cultural activities:

In Elefun, you will have the opportunity to visit different areas in Medellin, where you can get in touch with life, locals, and experiences. Visit traditional neighbourhoods; go to places that have had a huge social transformation; brewery visit, street food outing, Tejo game, cultural exchanges and coffee tasting are some of the activities that will assure an space for us (Elefun and Medellín) in your heart.

Sport activities:

How about some laughs and sport while hanging out with locals? Every Wednesday you can join different activities such as: Soccer with locals, basketball, beach voleyball, Bike-tours and eco-walks. And these are only some of the sports we play!!!

Our packages include 2 salsa lessons, 1 cultural activity and 1 sport activity every week!

  • Few activities are charged. According to the places requirements and consumption.
  • Activities are from Tuesday to Friday.