Introduction to Laureles neighborhood

Is this your first time in Laureles? Join up on this guided tour with a local tour guide of the neighborhood. You will learn about the history of the neighborhood, symbolic landmarks, local culture, sites of interest and local food.

We want to help you understand the Paisa culture, how to interact with locals and most importantly get to know the neighborhood.

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Starting dates

Every Thursday


Three (3) hours

From 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m

Language exchange


From 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

New people, beers, snacks and more!

What the students are saying

My girlfriend and I had classes for over a month at Elefun, starting with 20 hours per week and later switching to 10. We also did many hours of coaching. The classes and interaction at Elefun were definitely one of the highlights of our time in Colombia. The classes were great, with small groups, very good teachers, well equipped facilities and a very comfortable atmosphere. My girlfriend and I started at different levels, which was no problem as Elefun makes sure you are always placed in the right group. Our Spanish improved dramatically, which by itself was a great experience but also made our subsequent trip through Colombia much more interesting, as we were able to have conversations with the people we met. On top of the quality of teaching at Elefun, we also really enjoyed interacting with the entire staff. The extremely friendly and welcoming vibe at Elefun was the reason we chose to go there in the first place and this did not change a bit. The school is relatively small and very personal, so there is always someone to chat with and practice your Spanish while doing so. After travelling the country for a month we returned to the school to say goodbye on our last day in Colombia and it felt like saying goodbye to good friends. We hope to return to Medellin soon and if we do, Elefun will be one the first places we will visit again!

Hessel Moelijker

Elefun is a great place to start (and continue) your advemture with Spanish. The school has very friendly, at-home atmosphere. The teachers are really nice and super helpfull. I just finished my first week here and can’t wait to continue on Monday!

Maria Madejska

Elefun is a really excellent place to learn Spanish. The teachers are amazing and are really professional and well qualified. I’ve done four weeks in total at Elefun and have learned so much my head hurts The classes are really small so you get so much attention and I’ve met some really good friends there. There’s a really welcoming and friendly atmosphere there. My Spanish gets better and better every time I go there. Muchas gracias a todos. 

Mairead Doherty

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Introduction to Laureles neighborhood