Included benefits

In Elefun you will find more than Spanish classes. You will meet a work-team willing to help you at any time along with a series of benefits that will make you live a meaningful experience in Medellín. 

Your classes include:

Afternoon activities

Eco activities, sports activities and other social, urban and cultural activities will lead you to have a really valuable immersion in Colombia and success in your learning and understanding of the Spanish language.

Some of these activities are


Learning salsa in a local environment with a professional teacher allows you to develop social skills to meet people, make new friends and practice your Spanish whilst traveling Colombia!

Cultural activities:

In Elefun, you have the opportunity to know in depth the Colombian culture through a series of fun activities such as: visit to Breweries, street food tours, Tejo games, cultural exchanges, coffee tasting and many more!

Sportive and eco activities: 

How about some laughs and sport while hanging out with locals? Every week you can join different activities such as: ecological walks, bicycle tours, walks to sport spaces that the city has to offer. And these are only some of the physical activities you can join up!

Tasting of local products: 

Delicious samples of typical Colombian food and fruits of the region that will delight you and make you live an experience full of exotic flavors.

Academic counselling:

In Elefun you will never feel lost because two sessions of academic advice will be provided to you when you feel that a topic in the class was not very clear and you need to practice it more or when you need help with an exercise. We are ready to help you!

Pick up at the airport:

Get this extra benefit by studying with us three weeks or more of an intensive course!